Sunshine Blvd
Create scrapbook line for JoAnn's biannual refresh of their Designer Destination section; an aisle of the store where they carry celebrity scrapbook lines from American Crafts. My team wanted to capture the feel of summertime in Miami – where the celebrity crafter,  Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love, is from. 
Sunshine Blvd is a trip to the beach on a warm summer's day. It's all fun in the sun with a bold rainbow of color combos and groovy, inclusive designs. Look closely at patterned papers and you'll find pool parties and dance floors filled with friends, and vintage neon signs leading the way to a hip new hangout. Stroll down the boardwalk and you'll almost smell the frozen treats, pretzels, and hotdogs from vendors. And look for a new pair of sunglasses or the perfect spot under an umbrella in stickers and embellishments. 
Branding · Illustration · Packaging · Pattern · Product
Damask Love
Designers: Stefanie Redd, Amanda Smith, & Taylor McCaslin 
Art Direction: Trent Gersbach & Jessica Chertkow
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