Fall in love with funky flamingos, colorful chocolates, and yummy gummy bears! Find everything you need to host your own Galentine's party or just give thoughtful cards to those you love. This Valentine's Day make sure that everyone has a Crush on You! 

Product: Hailey Field, Stefanie Redd, Taylor McCaslin, Amanda Smith, & Trent Gersbach
Packaging, Branding, & Marketing Design: Hailey Field
Art Direction: Trent Gersbach & Jessica Chertkow
American Crafts, 2020
Decor and cards and stationery, oh my!
Pen, Pencils, & Lipstick Erasers
Clear Stickers
Lip Straws, Heart Sunglasses, & Lip Mylar Balloon
Washi Tape
Wall Decor
Stationery & Embellishments
Valentine's Cards
Stackable Heart Pencil
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