Originally created to aid those who have trouble ordering drinks without a menu, POTION evolved into a simple mixed drink recipe app so you can be your own bartender.


Users are able to favorite drink recipes—saving them for offline use—without the need to create an account. Horizontal filters and menus make the app compact and saves time by eliminating the need to switch between screens. Search recipes by skill level, ingredients, color, taste, or what’s in your liquor cabinet.





PROBLEM: Do people need this app to order mixed drinks or make mixed drinks?


DEMOGRAPHIC: To find whom my demographic is I went to a local bar, a friend’s house and sent out a survey.  At the bar, no one seemed to have a problem ordering mixed drinks or even needing a menu to order drinks. At my friend’s house, they didn’t seem to care about mixed drinks and just drank whatever was readily available. With the survey, I found that a small amount of people regularly went out to drink and they would like having an app for making drinks rather than ordering. People who responded most to mixed drinks were women ages 18-35.


DATA: Observing behavior at the bar was not as helpful as the survey when I found what my app was really going to be used for. It made me realize that I am not the user because I originally came up with the idea when I had a hard time ordering drinks, but no one else seems to experience the same thing. The experience at my friend’s house was not helpful either; it seems people just take shots, at least people in my age group. This might also mean if they had recipes for drinks at hand, they might be more motivated to buy the ingredients to make them. The survey ended up being the most beneficial.


CONCLUSION: After analyzing my data, I found my demographic is women ages 18-35 that drink at home most of the time and are not familiar with making drinks, but know what drinks they like. My design will have to be user friendly but still innovative and eye-catching enough to keep people interested in using an app they might not need (because of the accessibility of things on the internet). This might mean adding a social feature or something that you would not get from reading recipes on a webpage, like offline recipes.


Identity, UX Design


Persona, user research, wireframe, logo, iconography, & app design